The SSSOAPS project is a continual exploration of materials, both natural and synthetic. Carefully combining ingredients to create a continual array of nourishing, gentle and refreshing self care products. Mainly we focus on bar soap, aromatics and fragrance related products to enhance your immediate environments. Our natural ingredients are of the highest quality and free of all animal products and testing. Synthetic materials (when explored and utilized) are carefully selected and used within strict guidelines; safety being top of mind. We believe the intersection of natural and synthetic material to be wildly fascinating; expansive and functional in bridging the gap between form and possibility. All products are handmade in a boutique studio in Toronto, Canada.

We believe: The act and intentional use of a bar of soap, a fragrance or room enhancing aroma is a moment to be grateful for; a time to be present, a special time with self and those closest and rather importantly a time to take care of your body and mind.