Sergio SP is the solo project of Toronto based producer & DJ, Sandro Petrillo. Nearing two decades of involvement in the Canadian underground dance music culture with well planted deep roots in the vibrant scenes of Canada East & West. His involvement as a DJ and performer in Toronto’s scene has recently gained steam and further momentum as he continues to hone in on the craft and connected energies within the scene.  

An ardent admirer of the esoteric and interwoven energy bodies of existence, his sets are ripe and resonant with warmth and driven intention. An extremely versatile DJ; dishing out hypnotic grooves, continually resonant low end and a constant leaning towards space and depth. Known to run the aesthetic gamut, he delivers impactful sets that certainly nourish a thread connecting his selections. Deep feelings, emotive rhythms and collective awareness are all themes he holds near and dear. While crafting his own materials he is also heavily motivated with his roles as a mentor and teacher. His behind the scene’s efforts in building and pushing the culture forward provide a pulse that continues to inspire both inward and out.